How Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning works

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning in Tauranga - Cat with paw on blinds

How it Works

Inside the ultrasonic tank transducers emit sound waves in the water creating MILLIONS OF TINY MICROSCOPIC BUBBLES that energetically IMPLODE, literally sucking the surface clean. Ultrasonic is powerful, yet gentle cleaning process that does not require physical contact, scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

Used in Hospitals

Ultrasonic technology is used in all hospitals, dental surgeries and optometrists as part of the sterilization process. It is also used in many other industries that require a precision clean to remove dirt dust, grime, mould and bacteria.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning deep cleans the ladders, cords and head rail. Having your blinds ultrasonically cleaned is beneficial in homes and work environments where occupants suffer with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

The most efficient blind cleaner

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning in Tauranga - Sunshine shining through blinds

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most thorough and efficient method of cleaning your blinds. No other method can produce the same results – removing dust, dirt, bacteria, bug stains, grease and grime as well as odours from cooking, pets and cigarettes – providing a cleaner and healthier environment for the home or office. Even the pull cords are cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning can also remove mould and dust mites, making it the best method for sufferers of asthma and associated illnesses. You will be thrilled with the results.

Our ultrasonic blind cleaning is ideal for venetian blinds (micro venetians, timber venetians) but will also effectively clean vertical blinds and roller blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning is so efficient, you will be impressed with the fast turnaround. Great for commercial and holiday properties with only a small window of time available for cleaning.

Safe and gentle technique

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes a digital generator powering transducers submerged in a tank of hot water. The transducers vibrate at a frequency of 40 KHz creating millions of tiny bubbles that form and implode. This repeated formation and implosion creates a gentle cleaning action known as Cavitation. Cavitation has the ability to not only clean the surfaces of items, but also penetrate into the difficult to clean internal and crevice areas. It is safe and gentle. Ultrasonics will not scratch, pit or damage items the way that conventional cleaning methods do.

Please Note: We will contact you if any of your blinds are of an age or condition that will not result in a perfect cleaning process.